ERGS, Inc. was formed in 1959 as a family owned real estate holding, development and management company.  The name “ERGS” is both a play on words – an “erg” is a unit of energy – and an acronym of the first letter of the names of the founders:  Esther, Ron, George and Stephen.

Initially, the primary business of ERGS was real estate development and land sales of its subdivided holdings in Lyon County and Reno’s North Valleys.

The corporation ventured into the multi-family industry with the construction of the Vale Townhomes in Lemmon Valley in 1964.  Since then, it has built nearly 700-apartment units and is one of the premiere property management companies in Northern Nevada.  ERGS continues to actively develop various real estate based projects and contribute to various business and charitable organizations, both locally and nationally.

ERGS remains a family business and is owned by George Peek and his sons, Gregory, Matthew and Andrew Peek.